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  • Smartphone & Tablet Ready
  • SEO Boosted
  • Designed to fit your business image and copy-written to get your message out clearly.
  • Photo uploads, video uploads, social media buttons, maps, forms and more!

Beautiful & Functional Websites Fit to Your Business

web design

Custom Website Design So Your Business Can Stand Out

A Website is like having a storefront online. If you don’t have any kind of presence, how will any potential customer be able to find your business? At Local Evolution we don’t just build websites, we create websites that will help grow your business. Your site will be optimized in the best way for search engine visibility, professionally copy-written and layered with images that portray your business in the best possible light.

Responsive Layout for Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops

Being able to display your website using the same design across different devices is a huge benefit to users and potential customers. Imagine a potential customer visiting your website and hitting the back button because it either takes too long to load or the print is too small to read. This dilemma is easily solved with Local Evolution’s Mobile Ready websites fit to devices of all kinds.

Responsive web design
Professional Copy-Writing

Professional Copy-writing

Good copy-writing can mean the difference between a lead and a customer. Our creative experts will research your industry, competitors or products/services you provide and craft attractive writing that will keep visitors reading and engaged to your business message.

Optimized for Search Engines

That’s right, Local Evolution’s websites come search engine optimized straight “out of the box.” As a company that specializes in SEO, we’ll make sure your site is equipped with all the on-page factors that influnce ranking such as heading tags, keyword density, an XML sitemap, page titles, meta descriptions and much more.

Optimized for SEO
Built for conversions

Built for Conversions

Besides exposure, our first and foremost concern is helping your business get leads. That’s why we strategically place contact forms as well as your contact info throughout unique spots around your website. Through consistent, time tested data, we have a “birds eye view” of where users are most likely to look for contact info. Our goal is to help you convert visitors into leads.

Website Maps

Whether your doing business in a “brick and mortar” store or working from home, local business is everything these days. Once people get to your website and want to do business, they still need to find you, right? We’ll setup your site with Google Maps location info containing helpful stuff like your business address and directions.

Social Media

Social Media Buttons

Trust us, we want to see you succeed. We also really want potential customers viewing your website to know how much your loved around the community. Local Evolution makes sure that our customer’s websites come equipped with social media buttons so that your business will have the opportunity to be discussed across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Give Your Business the Presence It Deserves Online

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