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Looking for ways to obtain new leads for you’re business and gain online exposure? Local Evolution’s marketing services are working right now for 100?s of businesses. We can help connect you’re business with buyers looking for you’re products and services where you offer them at the exact moment when they’re looking to make a purchase. As our client, you can look forward to gaining online exposure and a rock-solid return on investments.

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New York, New Jersey or Connecticut SEO Services

What Is SEOIf your a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut based business seeking to make the most out of a local online marketing investment, then you’ve come to the right place. As a long time New York SEO company, Local Evolution specializes in a wide variety of other search engine marketing services.

Our specialties include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Local SEO
Paid Search Advertising or PPC Management
Website Design

Whether you’re just looking for additional exposure on Google, yahoo & Bing or you currently have zero presence and need to be found online; we can help.

When it comes to the success of your Search Engine Optimization or PPC campaign, we never just leave things to chance. Our experts use every tool and resource available to make sure your business not only gets found online but receives leads. Since 2010 we are responsible for giving hundreds of websites first page placement on search engines. You can always count on us for the best in New York SEO, New Jersey SEO, Connecticut SEO & E-Commerce SEO Services nationwide.

Our Expectations for Working With Businesses

Professional Copy-WritingWe have experience working with all different types of companies and the truth is, we would love the chance to work with every company out there. However, not every customer is a perfect fit for NY SEO, NJ SEO, CT SEO, or Paid Search solutions. In order for expectations to be met and realistic, we need to be selective when it comes to the clients we work with. We’re not trying to sound picky, this is actually a great thing for you! It means that we can dedicate our full resources and attention to each client properly. So with that being said, here are a few of the requirements we look out for:

Our Requirements for Your Business

Our Local Online Marketing Is Not Meant to Drive 100% of Revenue

SEO and PPC Management are not meant to provide 100% of the revenue to your business. These services make great additions toward increasing leads coming in, increasing call volume, or visits.

Your Company Should Already Have An Established Source of Constant Business

Marketing and advertising should not be a substitute for running your business. Your company should already have a customer base, and a steady flow of leads coming in. We only work with financially healthy companies. This is no way means that you need to be operating a large business, it’s just our way of saying that working with those who care about paying on time make things so much smoother.

Types of Websites We Don't Provide SEO or PPC Management for...

We don’t provide SEO or PPC Management services for the following types of websites:

MLM or Multi-Level-Marketing
Get-Rich Quick Schemes
Businesses That Are Not Up & Running Yet

That’s all there is! We hope you don’t feel like that was too much. Most businesses we work with range from those in the service industry (plumbers, HVAC Services, Shipping) to Retail, Medical, Legal and much more. There are many benefits to be had from hiring us to provide your New York, Connecticut or New Jersey SEO services.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

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All the Benefits

Convert Visitors to customersConvert visits to your site into calls, e-mails and customers

Our websites convert higher than the rest. We design them specifically to target “ready to buy” customers. People will have an instant idea of what products or services your business provides and where you operate. When your campaign is live, we make it easy for people to find you, visit your site and make quick contact. Yep, it’s that simple.The only thing left for you to do is close the deal.

Rocket Ship-ResultsDominate Search Engine Results in your zip code, State, or Even Nationwide

Start seeing the benefits of having increased exposure all over Google, Yahoo & Bing. Drive new leads. Local Evolution’s search marketing can help your business gain more phone calls, e-mails and reputation wherever you do business. If you don’t have visibility online, how else will potential customers find your business?

transparent resultsWatch your business grow…Literally, with fully transparent results

Print yellow pages, newspapers, you name it; most traditional “old media” lacks the ability to track results. The beauty of online marketing is that your campaign info is available for the taking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use the info to continuously improve your results over time and deliver a dashboard snapshot of how your marketing is performing. Our reporting is available from any computer or mobile device.

Ready to buy customersGet Ready to Buy Customers Searching for Your Products and Services Locally

When creating your campaign, our experts will determine what your most profitable products or services are. We’ll also pinpoint the areas you favor doing business in. All of this info will help us in crafting a focused search engine marketing program designed to bring you the right type of customer.

your own agencyYour Own Personal Marketing Agency

Employees are the largest expense out of any business. Why hire someone just to cover the marketing or advertising when you can have us? Local Evolution has a variety of experts looking over every component of your program to establish a great ROI. Whether it be account manager to go over results or customer support if you have an issue, we are available for all your online marketing needs.

Call TrackingIncrease Your ROI. One Call at a Time

Call tracking is one of the easiest ways to track return on investment. Instead of just looking at traffic to your site and other factors, your able to see exactly who called the phone number listed on your website. This is the most concrete way to determine how well your searching marketing is performing. We’ve gone the extra mile by tying this data into our reporting analytics so you’ll truly know the value of your program.

It Just Works

It Just Works…

SEM, SEO, PPC, , blah, blah, blah. It’s easy to get sidetracked just trying to understand what all those confusing acronyms mean. At Local Evolution, our focus is on delivering what’s most important to you: Exposure & results. Even though the services we provide are not a walk in the park when it comes to getting everything running properly, we have a formula we apply to each and every campaign which virtually guarantees success.

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